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Tanya Maksood is a classically-trained vocalist and Southern California native.  Of Iraqi and Mexican descent, she was exposed to different genres of music and sang mostly Pop and Spanish music growing up.  During her college years at the Walt Disney founded CalArts (California Institute of the Arts), Tanya was exposed to opera, experimental and world music.  It is during this time that Tanya explored theatre, movement and languages.  After receiving her Master's Degree at UCSB (University of California, Santa Barbara) Tanya moved to New York City to solidify her vocal training in opera and later musical theatre.
After dedicating ten years to classical music, Tanya found her way back to the music that first ignited her passion for singing, including r&b, soul, blues, rock and country. Maksood now collaborates with other musicians, songwriters and producers using her versatility to create music that crosses all genres and audiences.  

The Duo & Collaboration

Scott Hutchison is a seasoned songwriter and producer within the Reggae, Pop, Rock, Gospel, Blues, Ska and alternative Country genres.  Together Tanya and Scott have delved into writing music that goes back to the basics of song.  With Scott's guitar motifs and Tanya's melodies they have approached songs that mostly resonate around themes of  hope, acceptance, longing, resilience and unapologetic vexation . Their sounds and melodies are especially intended to cross musical genres unifying audiences of all backgrounds. While some of the songs are meant to be simple and intimate, others lend towards being orchestrated as part of larger musical works. 

The Work

(Albums, EPs & Singles)

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Sunset Photo Album Cover-2.png

Coming Summer 2021!

A Three-Part Series of songs including violin solos, country feels, blues, 60s pop, Spanish pop, reggae, rock-soul, French-English pop, and songs for future musical theatre projects.  The EP/albums feature insight into soundscapes tending towards film & show soundtracks including "Haunted," "Now I Know," and "Beyond Words." Songs written for future theatre orchestration include, "Let Me Tell You Somethin'" and "Running Out Of Time".  Songs like "Changes" introduces Irish & Middle Eastern sounds that lends towards Tanya's interest in World music.

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Two mellow, Spanish pop singles: The all-Spanish versions of "Mysterious Love" & "My Blue Flame".

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A collection of 5 songs from Scott & Tanya's Three-Part series featuring Tanya's favorites. Songs lean towards worldly-pop sounds and/or Disney feels.

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Three original Christmas/Holiday songs. Includes two holiday love songs and one boogie-woogie.


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Valentine's Day 2021 single.