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Tanya Maksood is a classically-trained vocalist and Southern California native.  Of Iraqi and Mexican descent, she was exposed to different genres of music and sang mostly Pop and Spanish music growing up.  During her college years at the Walt Disney founded CalArts (California Institute of the Arts), Tanya was exposed to opera, experimental and world music.  It is during this time that Tanya explored theatre, movement and languages.  After receiving her Master's Degree at UCSB (University of California, Santa Barbara) Tanya moved to New York City to solidify her vocal training in opera and later musical theatre.
After dedicating ten years to classical music, Tanya found her way back to the music that first ignited her passion for singing, including r&b, soul, blues, rock and country. Maksood now collaborates with other musicians, songwriters and producers using her versatility to create music that crosses all genres and audiences.

Simultaneously, Tanya spreads her love of the vocal instrument by coaching other singers, artists and non-singers helping them reach their fullest potential, with world-class vocal technique acquired from her own vocal journey and work with the world's best vocal technicians and coaches in the world of Opera (The Metropolitan Opera/LA Opera), Broadway and Pop (The Voice).
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